Other Free Music

All of these offers are now expired.

iTunes isn't the only website/store that has music, and they aren't the only place where you can get music for free!

Here are some other places you should check out:

Get 25 free songs with emusic, click the image below.

Get a 14 day free trial with www.mog.com (you don't get to download music, you only get to listen to it)

We also offer 30 day subscriptions. Ask for it when you request a code on our request form!

There is a new iTunes Giveaway directly from Apple!

Click the banner below!


  1. The emusic image worked amazing for me. I was able to download 25 free songs!

  2. I don't like mog.com as much as emusic. IMO

  3. They are both fine :| What are you guys going on about?

  4. 250 iTunes card + an iPod Touch sounds amazing!

  5. Mog is gay, do one of the others r something idk


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